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The Influence Group: Influence & Word of Mouth Marketing Agency



The Influence Group exists to advance the knowledge and
application of influencer marketing as a discipline.

Why? Because influence is the most powerful way to create behaviour change.

How do we know? Because we have over a decade’s experience researching what influences consumers. And we have hundreds of successful brand and consumer advocacy campaigns across Australia, New Zealand
and the UK.

The Influence Group houses the collective wisdom of insights
agency Pollinate and global community and influencer marketing agency Social Soup.

TIG Triangle

Everyone’s talking about influencer marketing these days; we’ve been doing it for years

At The Influence Group, we know
that influence is the most powerful
way to create behaviour change.
The true metric of success.


The Influence Group provides research, knowledge and
expert advice on influence and word of mouth marketing.

We provide an entire suite of influence marketing solutions: from idea to innovation, communication through to action.

All 100% influence-driven.

The Influence Group has established partnerships with leading academics and international experts and provides consultancy to corporations, government agencies and NGOs that seek to leverage the benefits of influence planning, co-creation and advocacy.


Idea - Understanding - Influence - Co-Creation - Advocacy - Igniting Influence - Amplification at Scale - Behaviour Change - Action

“If you want something you’ve never had,
you must be willing to do something you’ve never done.


What is influence?

Influence motivates people to do something different, try something new, or adopt a new way of thinking.

It can be a subtle shift or a complete change, but influence is inherently social.

Influence is fundamentally a better way to advertise.

Why influence?

If you simply broadcast your message to the herd, your new campaign, new product, or new brand will have limited impact.

Focus your effort on creating moments of influence because that will help you move the masses along your brand’s adoption curve.


Influence is the most powerful driver of behaviour change.

“There are 1.2 billion
brand-related conversations each day in Australia”
Keller Fay, 2010


For any brand looking for a better way to win at innovation, you need to create true behaviour change. And the best way to do that is to embrace influence. The Influence Group provides brands with a better way to create behaviour change and long term brand advocacy. Less wasted effort, less new product failures and more long term brand value.

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